Sunday, August 02, 2020

Radical Leftists extorting small businesses to support "reparations" and other Marxist-like agenda (in the name of BLM), one reason to "abolish police"?


A Cuban-immigrant owned business in Louisville KY is attracting its own demonstrators after far-Left activists, claiming to represent Black Lives Matter, made demands on the business for quotas in hiring, patronage of black-owned-business and even public support of the reparations movement.
The Louisville Courrier-Journal (Gannett) reports the story here (story by Bailey Loosemore).
There are some “extenuating” historical circumstances, including the gentrification of a formerly black neighborhood in which the business is located.

But structurally this would be like a webhost or social media company saying, if you want to use our platform and even promote your business or even self-publish, you have to raise money for an approved anti-racist non-profit first.
Tim Pool, in the video above, connects this to his own theory on abolishing the police, and it makes a crude sense.

Picture: Hills south of Louisville, embed from Wikipedia, click for attribution;  I drove through there once in 1970 in the way between Indianapolis and Bowling Green to visit a former grad school roommate. 

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