Friday, August 07, 2020

Protesters charged with crimes for retweets; Georgia school suspension regarding lack of social distancing

Jaclyn Preiser has a story on The Washington Post about several persons in New Jersey charged for threatening (“cyber harassment”) police officers after they retweeted a message from a protester that could have doxxed a police officer thought to be making friends with enemies of Black Lives Matter.
The defendants have GoFundMe pages (linked by the Post if you want to help them).  It certainly sounds credible that the defendants thought they were transmitting legitimate news of possible police misconduct.

The Verge has a much more detailed story by Adi Robertson. It is very unusual for people to get into trouble for blind retweets (except as part of organized activity). 

The Post has another story (by Katie Shepherd)  about activists who believe they should not post on social media their own videos for fear that police will use it against other protesters.
In Georgia (video embed above), a high school student was suspended for posting a picture of a crowded school hallway without masks or social distancing on the theory that the school forbids personal photos on school property from being posted publicly.  That sounds like my own “conflict of interest” problem that I hav talked about before. The school has reversed the suspension (NBC story).

Picture: NE Georgia Mountains, April 2018, my trip. 

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