Saturday, August 08, 2020

If you abolish law and order, you abolish individualism

I get regular fundraising emails from a lot of sources, but one of the groups that is particularly unwelcomely chummy is Truthout.  

I generally don’t like to ask for money in public myself, or sound blaze about asking people to “chip in”.  That’s just something I’ve never done (much) and it seems embarrassing, like begging.
Indeed, many of Truthout’s articles are very informative as to various scandals and environmental damage going on.

But then I see an op-ed by Kristian Williams, “Abolishing police is a step toward ending white supremacy and capitalism”.  Am I supposed to chip in for my own personal destruction?  Taken literally, the op-ed seems to want to end “law and order” or respect for law, and restructure society into group-centered communes where nobody owns anything they can lose, so police are no longer necessary.  You got it, Marxism, Communism, mixed with the intersectional Venn Diagrams of the day (maybe with some hidden variables thrown in).
No, however, I have never taken to the streets. I’ve never had to.  But someone might want to force me to.  I get the idea that identariansim comes back to punish the individual in the oppressing group, as a personal criminal from benefiting (even ancestrally) from the undervalued labor of others.
It’s not about the me, it’s the we or the group.

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