Friday, August 21, 2020

Facebook bans "Q" as well as (for practical purposes) "Antifa", after Portland violence

Portland Protests June 2, 2020

 It is being widely reported that Facebook is removing accounts and groups associated with Qanon, and now (in what seems like a reversal) associated with violent left-wing activity (supposedly related to “Antifa”) as well as to white nationalism or white supremacy.

Here is Facebook’s own statement, dated Aug. 19, 2020.  

There is a surface belief that Facebook tolerates communism but not fascism. 

The company refers to its earlier policy on Dangerous Individuals and Organizations, and now bans some activity that would fall short of what it calls a tight definition of this policy. The new policy will look at groups or entities (possibly individuals) who post-haste celebrate violence that has already occurred, or that have significant violent individuals as followers.  The latter sounds a bit dangerous.  That would invite banning a social media account or even website if it suddenly attracts too much traffic from autocratic countries or possibly from underground groups.  Generally, content providers don’t monitor who simply views their public posts. I've always wondered if labeling a person "dangerous" could be libelous. 

CNN has a big story by Brian Fung on “BigTech” and Qanon. Vox has an explainer about Qanon by Jane Coastan, Aug. 21. 

Wikipedia embed of Portland die-in protest (peaceful) on bridge June 2, click for attribution. 

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