Thursday, July 16, 2020

Volunteers needed to be infected in vaccine trials; Mask issue confronts new issues for some people of restrictions on freedom for public good


In Utah, parents showed up for a meeting without masks to challenge the plans to open schools with students wearing masks, NBC News story.  Parents said that this would lead to kids growing up in fear and not learning proper socialization.

In Georgia, the governor sues the Atlanta mayor (who has tested positive) over her mask requirements.

Some people compare it to wearing a seatbelt.  But the government’s advice on this has flipped so quickly one can understand the public’s reluctance.

It also adds to the debate of “community health”, where individual actions, in context, have more potential effect on others than we see at first.  We had to contemplate that in the 1980s with AIDS, with very different parameters.

COVID-19: Human Challenge Studies, link

And now there is increased preparation to infect healthy volunteers in vaccine trials (even after placebos), Fortune and Bloomberg.  

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