Monday, July 20, 2020

Two homicides (NJ, CA) have a possible bizarre connection to military draft (Selective Service) issue

There is a bizarre twist to two assassination attempts, one in California (Crestline, San Bernadino County) on Wednesday July 12 of Marc Angelucci, 52; and more recently Sunday, in North Brunswick, NJ, of the college age son (and shooting of husband) of Judge Ester Salas (who was unharmed).

The details of the Salas incident are in an ABC News story by Josh Margolin et al.  They include the finding of the suspect, an attorney Roy Den Hollander, dead in is car in Rockland County NY, which may have been a suicide.

(Timcast has a video on the Salas case). 

There are details of the California incident in a UK Daily Mail story by Marlene Lenthang. NBC News tonight mentioned that Hollander had been a person of interest in the California case. 

Angelucci and Hollander were both involved in “men’s rights” as described in the stories, or sometimes viewed as “anti-feminist”.

Angelucci had worked on a case in 2019 in which a federal court declared the male-only registration for Selective unconstitutional, reversing a 1981 Supreme Court ruling because the military services now allow women to in almost all combat roles. Although the ruling is under appeal it is thought to be unlikely to go anywhere if Congress either decides to extend Selective Service Registration to women, or to eliminate it.  This was emerging as a political debate until Covid-19 came along and reinforced the idea of government actions on civilians with quarantines (and now mask wearing)

But Hollander had worked on a case were a female had wanted to register for Selective Service. Surprisingly, the LGBT lobby has little noticed the idea that Selective Service registration is based on birth gender (no allowance for the idea of trans or non-binary).  The case was apparently before Judge Salas and Hollander was reportedly replaced on the case. 

Some of the details of these two incidents resemble the killing of national security technician Kanika Powell near Laurel MD in 2008 (story, see also TV blog, Jan. 24, 2015 on an NBC Datelines story “The Unusual Suspect’, also this on another Wordpress blog).

 The whole issue of the military draft and the deferment system has been a very important part of my own writing (as in the way I connected it to the "gays in the miltiary" issue in my three DADT books) since the 1990s. I lived in northern NJ from 1972-1974, including 8 months in Piscataway, not far from New Brunswick.  The picture above is Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell NJ, westbound, 2011. 

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