Thursday, July 30, 2020

Problem with new Blogger editor makes it hard to edit links

I am suddenly having a problem with the new Blogger.

If I insert a link, the new Blogger deletes some text around the link or the link itself in what it shows to the Blogger, even though it will sometimes browse properly to the user.

If I revert to the old Blogger, it seems to display it properly.

The problem may apply mainly to a situation where I’ve reverted to the Classic in order to embed an image from Wikipedia or embed a video I couldn’t find.
You may notice that on a few posts I have put the links at the bottom, for the time being.  

The problem seems to occur when I hit update on a post (I think when I save before update too).  It will have browsed, but the act of opening the post (edit) to update it when previously published causes it to delete some text around the link and the link itself. The system tries to update the content before you actually edit again! 

My environment is Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 1904.  
There seems to be a new support ticket

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