Friday, July 31, 2020

Patreon seems to be in real trouble with a major legal loss; maybe Youtube patronage as a whole is in trouble as an income source?

A huge legal mess has developed between Patreon, and the fans of people it has banned, especially Own Benjamin (not Carl).

The Daily Dot explains the problem before, and Timcast expands in a video.

This is very complicated and I won’t try to resummarize it.  Maybe Hoeg Law will do a video on this.
One complication is that some fans have been sued.  But Patreon might be hit with thousands of arbitration claims.

This could threaten Patreon and maybe similar patronage sites and their use as a way to make a living.

I cannot use it because I have inherited assets and managed a trust, and that links to other problems (“gratuitous speech” and stochastic risks) that I have talked about before.
Stay tuned on this one. Daily Dot link

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