Sunday, July 26, 2020

I pop the question on a total nationwide lockdown for five weeks

With all the talk about a national lockdown (previous post), I got mad and made this post this morning.

The “obvious” reason to do this is to (1) Open schools in the fall (2) stop the violent protests (3) shift the burden away from low income (minority) workers.

All very authoritarian and Maoist.

Or, will the epidemic calm down if everyone wears a mask?

O thought they said that before. 

Total lockdown might well mean you take down social media and most of the web and media, too.  It’s unnecessary, isn’t it?  Most of us would be disappeared forever.   (The big media outlets survive. Read between the lines, please;  low cost lowballing destroys traditional media jobs?) 

So “ask” when necessary (“do ask do tell”).  This is indeed Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”. Keep in mind that China has put us to shame with its willingness to do authoritarianism (shaming our own lack of personal self-discipline down to an individual level), because most of China seems to be functioning as it had before.

 The other good question would be, can testing and contact tracing (some of it automated South Korea style) even be in operation before schools start if "we" want to do this? 

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