Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Blogger (the platform this post is on) has a new editor

Visitors may have noticed some changes in the appearance of blog postings lately.  That comes from the fact that Blogger has rolled out a new interface starting in May 2020.  The service offers the blogger the opportunity to switch to classic blogger when doing a post, but that possibility will expire on Monday Aug. 24, 2020.

I have had some difficulty after, on July 12, the “<>” toggle switch to go to html mode seemed to disappear.  Instead, the service placed a pencil mark on the upper left side which opens to the toggle, but gave no explanation.

Blogger’s changes are said to be motivated by the desire to make the mobile experience better and improve search engine ranking for commerce.

The new interface offers the opportunity to search YouTube videos by title to embed automatically in a way that fits a mobile device.

Here is a descriptive post from “Destined Boy”.

We had not heard a lot of news about Blogger before May.  A social networking service Google-Plus was largely shut down March 7, 2019.  I have wondered about how Blogger can make Google (or Alphabet) money when it has never been upscaled to the content management professional style of Wordpress, but wants the reputation of being faster and simpler to use, and is more usable on mobile devices.

I still have concerns over the availability of all of these platforms (beyond what we call interactive social media) indefinitely if there are severe strains on Internet performance as schools have to use them in the fall given the virus situation.

Video by Nava Eri June 2020.

As I had explained here on Feb. 27, 2019, I must simply my “branded’ Internet presence by the end of 2021.  I do not expect to use free service platforms (except video in a much tighter sense) after 2022 begins.  I don’t want to speculate here on how the pandemic would affect it, but I’ll have more to say soon on the DADTNotes blog.  

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