Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I get a "Commie" workers moral lecture from a retail person in a large appliance store; a warning?

In an “as is” condo you take the appliances, and there’s always a chance of going through replacing one (even if you buy the warranty).  There are some issues with the refrigerator (maybe just the light after all), so I went to a Home Depot today to look at what was there that fits into a smaller space.  Well, actually there are smaller “retro” ones (like in a motel room).

The sales person was in a long conservation about paperwork with a customer or other worker, but finally I got her attention.

I asked her about delivery, and I got a lecture about “this virus” and workers.  There were plenty of items in the store, but don’t count on being able to get one in stock.  Then she went of on a spiel about working people and “this virus”, like she resented someone having the money to replace an appliance (a rather common event sometime in one’s life) when necessary.

She did not belong to a minority group.  But I’m rather shocked to go into a major chain store and get a lecture on commie worker comradeship, like ordering something is a sign of anti-Maoist privilege.

The extent to which ideology has affected a lot of working people is shocking.

Yet, there is the issue of empathy, as Tomas Puerto points out in this Tweet sequence

By the way, here’s a scary article about lung damage in asymptomatic people in China shared by Tomas Pueyo, but it seems self-contradictory when reading it. 

Now I will note the fairness aspect of this. People who do have money and work-from-home jobs may prosper by others lower in the economic scale (sometimes because of race) taking risks – like getting drafted and getting infantry in Vietnam – for them. 

Is that sustainable? 

One other thing.  Fauci said today, "if we're going to have a vaccine, we should have it by the end of the year."  I hadn't heard about the "If..." 

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