Thursday, June 18, 2020

Covid should raise questions about websites of individuals who get sickened or isolated by disease; but it doesn't seem to have done so yet

I know I’ve talked about estate executors and domains and digital property before.

With a public health crisis, it makes sense to wonder what happens to a website or domain owned by an individual if the individual becomes ill for a long time and then dies or is incapacitated.

The problem has always existed, but the possibility would seem more serious now with the Covid crisis. 

It could be exacerbated when people are suddenly isolated from their lives by quarantines, which may happen overseas more often than here.

Yet I don’t find that much is done about it.  Registrars send annual notices asking of your domain information has changed, but usually these have been registered privately.

GigaLaw gives a rundown (2012) and I don’t see that anything has changed. 

ICANN does have a best practices link on allowing others access to this information.

VCG also has some discussion.

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