Saturday, May 09, 2020

Western countries are using tech-company run social credit systems that gradually approach China's

Thoughty2, a British youtuber who does a lot of science and politics perspectives, warned us in Nov,. 2019, “In the Near Future Your Internet History Will Destroy Your Freedom”.

He gives an even more complete rundown on China’s social credit system than I have ever heard.  China uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to track your movements and behaviors, part of it to see if you are trustworthy, and if you play ball and play fair in practical risk-sharing and solidarity with others.

People who don’t play ball get excluded  from everything, including flying and trains.

In the US, people have used surveillance of history to sell things, and this has led to the tremendous controversy over persistent identifiers with COPPA and CCPA (state).

But employers look at social media history (about 70% of them) and now, he says, there is a company Lenddo that wants to incorporate social media use and friends list with credit scores.

And we’ve seen people lose bank accounts after perceived association with political extremism, even on flimsy grounds. Yet Carlos Maza brags, “deplatforming works.”

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