Thursday, May 28, 2020

Police violence and rioting in Minneapolis shocking, I lived there 1997-2003

I am rather speechless at the reports of violence in Minneapolis, where I lived from Sept. 1997 to Aug. 2003, almost 72 months, in the Churchill Apartments on First Street, near the downtown Post Office, in two different apartments that faces First Street.

The Star Tribune reports in a story by Liz Navratil and Libor Jany.  This is triggered by the wrongful death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police (four officers).  Yes, prosecution, perhaps for second degree murder, sounds appropriate.

The incident seems to have occurred near the intersection of Lake Street and Highway 55.  I used to drive 55 from downtown to work at RMA, a debt collector, in my last two months living there, near the Mendotta Bridge.  I had worked for IMG-Reliastar until the end of 2001 (52 months) and for the Minnesota Orchestra part time for 14 months. 

If you travel about a mile west on Lake Street, you get to Bryant Lake Bowl, which in normal times has a monthly powwow for independent filmmakers. Then you come to the new Moxy hotel, where I stayed last October 2.  Then you reach the Landmark Uptown and Lagoon Theaters.  About two miles north along Hennepin you’ll come to the Saloon and the Gay Nineties.

This does sound like material that could fit into Gode Davis’s unfinished project, “American Lynching.”

Alejandro Alvarez has some more footage (not on YT) yet on his Twitter thread with description. 

Picture: Bryant Lake Bowl, Oct. 3, 2019, my visit 

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