Sunday, May 03, 2020

Flight Attendants' Union calls for ban on leisure travel, potentially a real blow to the very idea of individualism

On April 27, the Theme Park Insider noted a recent letter from the National Association of Flight Attendants demanding that the government not only require face coverings by passengers, but ban all leisure travel until the Covid-19 pandemic is under medical control. 

Some of the motivation from the article seems to come from the so far indefinite closure of theme parks.

The concept logically could extend to rail travel and even personal auto and hotel use.
The text of the actual letter is here. The concern of workers (in this case flight attendants) for their own safety (and recognition of their risk-taking or "skin in the game") is certainly understandable. That certainly plays well for the face covering issue. But now they want to look into the social credit behind your own travel.  That is sounding Marxist. 
No matter, this is certainly a loaded proposition. We have to deal with the medical uncertainty right now as to how well vaccines [or pseudo-vaccines, that is, prophylactics] will work (CNN speculation by Rob Picheta this morning isn’t fun) .   
Large corporate theme parks will figure out some way to deal with this and make visiting their attractions doable.
But people outside of families or social groups may have much more trouble than I have had (for my adult life, from 1970-2020) getting any traction in their personal lives if they insist on autonomy (and personal movement and speech) outside of commitments to others (in families or groups).  This is a profound irony right now.  At least for me.
Picture: flying over a theme park near Charlotte NC before landing (2018) 

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