Wednesday, April 29, 2020

YouTube seems serious about taking down videos that contradict health department guidance on COVID, even when the medical establishment waffles on its own recommendations

Matt Christiansen (I guess the libertarian from Montana) has a video this morning “Susan Knows Best” very critical of YouTube takedowns of material, even from doctors and local television questions, that seem to question the edicts on the lockdowns and extreme social distancing, out of fear that some naïve people will go out and violate the rules.

The case in point concerns two emergency room doctors in California who questioned whether the lockdowns go to far.  They made the point that when people stay inside and are hyper hygienic, they actually lose immune function of their own for other common germs, and that is probably true.  “Slobs” are often healthier when by themselves because they’re immune, as adults, to their own germs. But what happens when they have to interact with other people more vulnerable in public.  
That’s a dilemma.

Christiansen talks about the fallacy of “listen to the experts” and provides a series of links proving that experts, even peer-reviewed, have changed their minds several times:  WHO has reversed itself before, and recently the establishment reversed itself on masks.
He also provides (Bakersfield CA) 23abc’s (affiliated TV station) reaction to the takedown   and a Bitchute link to the original press conference.  (I don't know whether this station belongs to Sinclair, but Sinclair as a "conservative" owner is likely to question the "Democratic corporate establishment" on a lot of things that impact the economy downstream.) 

There have been some speculative criticisms of the doctors, including lack of peer review and possible financial incentives.

There is another overriding observation.  Conservatives and libertarians are not as willing to go out of the way to protect more vulnerable people from themselves, as is the authoritarian side of the Left. 

 But of course, one covert infected person walking in a crowd may be analogous to a camper throwing cigarette butts in a tender dry forest (most of all in California).
There have been some YouTube takedowns that sound more legitimate, like a few channels that have promoted chelation or other miracle “cures” for the coronavirus.
Picture:  Near US 50, west of Sacramento, my trip in Sept 2018, after a smaller wildfire.  I did see some small areas of wildfire damage on the trip. I think I was most recently in Bakersfield in 2002. 

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