Saturday, April 25, 2020

YouTube, in sensitivity about COVID posts, takes down video that explains Trump's metaphors when he "seemed" to suggest people treat themselves at home harmfully

A (“conservative”) Youtuber named Styx---666 had a video taken down by YouTube when the video had purported that Trump was “hardly wrong” in making suggestions about “light therapy and ingested disinfectant”.

He makes the point that Trump is not a wordsmith, being more like a cheerleader (or huckster or salesman) and phrases things in ways that his political enemies can exploit. 

The video is also on Bitchute.

Unfortunately, some of his followers or base did take him “literally” and wind up in the hospital.  OK, as David Pakman said in February 2019, many people online in the US (and elsewhere) are stupid and easily manipulated.  Some of these people wound up in the hospital through their density, as the New York Daily News reported.

This sounds like an issue we’ve seen before with radicalization.

Update: Tuesday, April 28, 4 PM EDT

Hoeg Law has a detailed video about YouTube's attempted implementation of deferral to "authoritative sources".  At 28:00 he talks about this issue with respect to WHO's mistakes, and then the flipflop on masks. 

(Picture: Grandfather Mountain, NC, 2013, mine.) 

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