Friday, April 17, 2020

Ted Talk from Baylor University and Helena Group warns of dangers to power grids

Tedx organized a talk at Baylor University in Texas (I presume with empty seats) on April 10, 2020 "A Catastrophic Blackout Is Coming, Here’s How We Can Stop It".

The speaker was Samuel Feinburg from the Helena Group.

He said that we are very bad at heeding warnings about coming catastrophes, as COVID 19 proves (the idea of exponential chain reactions). He gives an example of a member of the Titanic crew in 1912.
There are four major ways to lose the grid: Cyber attack (Ted Koppel’s book). Solar storm with big coronal mass ejections (Carrington in 1857, Quebec in 1989), EMP (he mentions a threat from North Korea two weeks ago which I didn’t hear about) and physical attacks (like one in San Mateo CA in 2013) which might include flux devices near transformers (the Popular Mechanics story in 2001).
I believe Taylor Wilson is a member of Helena and has proposed decentralized underground fission reactors as a solution.
Feinberg (in the talk, toward the end) urges some activism, contacting Congress, organizing. 
Note my own Medium essay is linked on a post here Aug 30, 2018.  It seems logical to me that an enemy could use our disruption now as an opportunity to try particularly the last kind of attack.
Update: May 13, 2020
I see when looking at the notes that the talk had been given in Sept. 2017, and an audience is there (pre-social distancing by two+ years). Samuel would certain say now that Covid provides an example of what he said, how terrible we were at seeing this pandemic coming at us and how its paradigm would work. I hope we hear more from the Helena Group publicly now. 

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