Thursday, April 02, 2020

Plasma with antibodies from recovered COVID19 patients might help the very ill; trials are starting now; important research on buildings

Before the AIDS epidemic, it was common for some lower income gay men to donate plasma for income (although Hepatitis B was a threat).

Now the practice may come back with people who have recovered from COVID-19 and who have effective antibodies.  Some may make repeated donations.  The process takes blood out of one arm and returns it to the other, while the plasma and antibodies are filtered out. I watched it one time in downtown Dallas sometime in 1982.  It’s possible that more of these donors will be female, since women seem to have lower death rates and higher recovery rates (for younger adults that may not be as likely). 

The Atlantic has a detailed story by Sarah Zhang March 28, 2020.  The Verge has a story by Nicole Wetsman. 
There has been some talk that sometimes antibodies become a vehicle for viral reentry (Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE) but that now seems speculative.
Marcelo Gleiser has a striking op-ed on CNN this morning, “COVID-19 will change us as a species”, away from individualistic ideas of identity.  It could shift things toward the left, or toward tribalism everywhere.

Update: Later April 1

Stanford University and the University of Michigan discuss their work with wastewater examination for SARS-Cov2. Tonight there was transient discussion of ventilation in buildings on Don Lemon's show, as covered here in my Twitter thread (several posts). 

Update: April 6 

CNN story about a male plasma donor in Los Angeles. Some young men contemplating this possibility may back off social media for a while.  Ironically, however, single young adults who do keep to themselves a lot ("creative introverts") probably are (usually) at much less risk of getting infected before there is a vaccine. 

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