Friday, April 10, 2020

No, if you're a bookworm who can't sew his own mask, you won't go to one of Chairman Mao's re-education camps -- but you need to do something....

Katie Conner writes for CNET, “Making your own face mask or covering at home isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK”.  Indeed, because otherwise some of us have an existential crisis: we become the mooches that are a threat to others (according to Maoist theory that China is gleefully passing around the world in criticizing our lax lockdowns).  
CNET recommends Custom Ink (in several locations in the DC area, although right now the website shows only Merrifield VA as open) as a supplier of simple cloth masks. 

The site says you can do expedited delivery but when I ordered it that option would not come up.  A set of 12 as $37.50 with normal delivery and tax.

(Please, understand, I don’t get sponsors for posts, and I am “reporting” on it, not advertising it;  however a similar product could very well show up in Adsense automatically.  Ordinary consumers should not intentionally order medical masks for this use, and advertisers should not display them on websites, blogs, or videos.  Getting up to speed on “citizen war responsibility” for masks is taking time.)

Washington DC and Montgomery County MD have, as of this writing, required shoppers in grocery stores to wear face coverings.  News reports said “masks”  The actual text of the DC order allows “mouth covering”.  Montgomery County says “face covering” (Dcist).
In a pinch, I am finding that a U-neck t-shirt tied behind the back will stay on if you anchor it to your nose with glasses (or tape), to free both hands. 
I have two orders for masks waiting for delivery (including Custom Ink just now), which is very slow.   

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