Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Disney Star Wars creates a temporary copyright and license panic on Twitter (meanwhile it can't reopen yet because of health crisis)

Hoeg Law today gets into something that I thought was obvious, but it’s subtle: “No, Disney Doesn’t Own Your Star Wars Tweets”.
The controversy occurred because of this tweet from Twitter’s Disney+ account. 

Hoeg does go into Twitter’s terms of service, and explains how reuse by retweeting or commenting fits into copyright law “as is”.

All platforms generally state that you own your own content as far as your right to reuse them.  If you took a photo (with some possible issues of “panorama” issues in some countries with artwork) you own it for reuse (and it’s a lot safer otherwise to use scenery photos you actually took).  But various providers or platforms will need the right to reuse some of what you post for their own legitimate business purposes, and that is the case with Disney (Star Wars attraction intro).
This gets to be more interesting when you think of the trends in social media now, to try to coerce more introverted users and content providers to help run “other people’s” fundraisers, given the polarized social climate and now going against coronavirus needs.
Picture:  Disney Epcot, Italy, my visit, July 2015 

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