Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Vox looks at how coronavirus is affecting "professional" bloggers and writers

It may seem a little frivolous to talk about bloggers who make a living at it – an idea that Blogtyrant pushes (even as it had an ownership change in 2018), but Vox has a revealing article by Terry Nguyen, “People who travel for a living are struggling to find work”.  No kidding.  There is a tagline “The coronavirus is hurting the travel and tourism industry.  Bloggers, photographers and writers are feeling it too.”

Like yesterday’s post, this seems to relate to people who are paid to write articles or make videos that help sell products, especially in tech.  It’s quite possible to do this without sounding like a salesman, and it’s possible to cover real content this way.

This sort of business model may be more wholesome than persistent identifiers and algorithms. 

I don’t get paid (much) for my stuff, which, except for Amazon and some limited Adsense, is largely ad free, and I have never actually been paid to promote products.  I have received sample film DVD’s and books free (especially with LGBTQ materials) and when I receive them this way I always inform the reader (as required by the FTC).  Some people do question the ethics of my model from a protectionist mindset. 

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