Monday, March 09, 2020

Twitter tightens rules on disparaging or "hate speech" while Carlos Maza remains an untouchable Thanos; YouTube could stop all comments

Twitter has called out the White House on its manipulated media policy, regarding a post and video misrepresenting Joe Biden, Mashable story here
Twitter also marked a post by Cameron Kasky, the 19-year old Columbia Student (from March for our Lives and friend of David Hogg) where he presents himself as a presidential candidate as “sensitive content”.  Of course, informed users know that he cannot become president (minimum age 35) but wants to make a point that the current choices for president are too old, which is, frankly, dangerous for the country, and that much younger people should run for office.

Twitter has also banned “dehumanizing” posts about age, disability or disease (including infection with coronavirus), The Verge, story by Jay Peters.
Twitter has also disciplined a New York Post reporter for “exposing” left-wing YouTuber and former Vox creator Carlos Maza, as wealthy and hypocritic.  I also notice that there are plenty of other young men on YouTube with a charismatic presence, some of them gay, and Stephen Crowder leaves them alone. In fact, some of them are libertarians or conservatives and Crowder likes them. He picked on Maza over apparent hypocrisy. We all watched the dominoes fall and live with the consequences. 

OTHER NOTES:  Ian Corzine discusses the possibility that YouTube may eventually disable comments on all videos, not just made-for-kids, because of subtle downstream liability exposures.  
BBC reports some YouTubers have gotten copyright strikes and takedowns for complicated videos showing other people reacting to memes or music, a tricky issue.  Corzine's site has some ideas as to how to use music safely;  I may come back to that topic later. 

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