Friday, March 13, 2020

Solidarity and flattening the curve (and a note about Article 13/17)

Here’s an article in Fastcompany, shared by Glyn Moody in the UK, about how we personally value or don’t value other people “as people”.

Now I’m 76, and the CDC considers me at higher risk just because of age, but I survived the 1980s without ever getting HIV when I could have.

And I rarely get very sick.
But I’m careful now to stay away from crowds, at least for a while.  It’s pretty easy to get errands done and keep some distance.  (But some interpretations of the CDC guidelines would want me home all the time, with “friends” bringing everything to me – but I really think that is risky).  At the moment, I have no known close contact or travel risks.

The nature of this pandemic is that one patient zero can create a ghost epidemic where most people do fine, but enough don’t that the hospital system is overwhelmed and the most vulnerable die in what would be rationalized only by fascist thinking.

That provides its own national security threat that an enemy can exploit (China seems to be laughing at us now).

The underlying psychology behind all this came up at William and Mary and then NIH in 1961 and 1962, and I’ve covered that before in the DADT books.

Let me mention another matter, that the UK will not implement the EU’s Article 13, post-Brexit (although Glyn Moody tells me on Twitter that publishers want it to).

Images: near Mont Alto, PA and the Blue Ridge 

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