Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Ian Corzine gives copyright tips on his blog and video and podcast channels.

Ian Corzine has podcasts and a legal blog as well as his video channel.  He mentioned his post on fighting wrongful termination of a YouTube channel without giving the URL.  Here is that URL.
He talks about the idea that a “trusted flagger” could be helpful.
In the video, the talks about Fair Use when reading a book online.  The key concept is whether you are making sufficient comments about the book.  Think about teaching “Silas Marner” or “Lord of the Flies” in high school English class. 
Corzine's blog is somewhat showy and aggressive in selling services and attracting members, more so than my own style of blogging is.  That is something to think about with regard to the "pay its own way" idea, which I expect to be required some day of websites, that I have discussed here before. 

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