Friday, March 27, 2020

How "unfair" the Corornavirus shutdowns are to ordinary workers, and how Medium is covering the crisis

Medium, an intermediate membership blogging platform which I used once (Aug. 30, 2018) for a research essay on EMP, has a blog now with peer-reviewed articles on coronavirus, and one of the best is Aaron Gell’s piece, “Tom Colicchio Spent 19 Years Building a Restaurant Empire.  Coronavirus gutted it in a month.   What it’s like to lay off 300 employees, and rethink unfettered capitalism.” 
That’s true, the whole world of retail, with volumes of sales and appeal to a general public, is very susceptible to shocks like this.  In my world with my books, I’ve been quizzed constantly on why I am not more responsive to the idea that I should prove I can make money on volumes like everybody else.  Or the calls I got for years seeing if I would prove I could sell other people’s things.
This is very “unfair” to the retail world, especially bars and restaurants, and other kinds of non-essential consumer goods. It’s hard to believe that “the rest of us” should be allowed to “get away with it”, and how that would translate to personal morality.  But then that tracks back to “flatten the curve”.

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