Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mystery group shuts down several Twitch streams, including David Pakman, claims to be hired by networks to do DMCA takedowns

Patrick Klepek writes on Vice about apparently bogus takedowns of livestreams on Twitch of a Democratic Party debate, which Twitch apparently admits it was conned by, link.  Vice says that the legal doctrine of Fair Use with talkover streams is not completely settled.
Newsweek has a similar story by Steven Asarch.  
David Pakman says his Twitch account got a copyright strike from Twitch and the account could be shut down forever even by bogus claims.

The DMCA takedown was issued by a group that calls itself Praxis Political Legal.  However Pakman could not find a legitimate website.  His video explains his gumshoeing with WHOIS, etc.  I can’t find it either.
The group could be a proxy hired by CBS or other groups or, as David claims, it could be a right wing troll group.
But streaming companies need to have some procedures for identifying suspicious DMCA takedown claims.
Electronic Frontier Foundation has a “takedown hall of shame” page
This kind of incident is particularly questionable during an election.
I do subscribe to the David Pakman Show. 

Update: Feb. 28

Pakman has an update on the broken DMCA system. 

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