Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Virginia will reconsider strengthening its anti-SLAPP law in 2020 (as well as gun control)

Electronic Frontier Foundation, in a deeplinks article by Joe Mullin, reports that Virginia is now considering an anti-SLAPP statue, HB 759 compared to the current law.

EFF reports several egregious SLAPP suits that have occurred in Virginia, particularly in some Yelp review cases, as well as reporting domestic violence and setting up parody accounts.

Virginia has typically been slower than bigger states (esp. New York and California) to protect both consumers and speakers. 

There will be major demonstrations regarding the Second Amendment near the State Capitol on Richmond on MLK day, Monday, January 20, when the weather will have (finally) turned to seasonably cold again.
The video above refers to a similar attempt in Virginia in 2017.

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