Friday, January 03, 2020

Professors censured for not enforcing very draconian speech codes in student discussions

Iowa State University is now in controversy over its “campus climate reporting system”, according to a WSJ editorial today, link

In one case a professor written up for not challenging a student who asserted that abortion and birth control are women’s issues.  The problem?  The statement “erases” trans and fluid people who need either of these.  Maybe textually this could be construed as literally true, but it defies common sense. 
I would say, it’s a men’s issue too, because men normally have to be responsible when they become fathers.

Sexologist Ray Blanchard (National Review interview, May 2019) is certainly controversial (even today on Twitter) weighs in on terminology, medicine, political correctness.  The actual need for surgery or treatment (and paying for it) belongs in the discussion, but his definition of paraphilia is interesting. 

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