Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Many YouTube creators lose revenue to COPPA, as YouTube apparently prepares to age-gate its Kids App separately

Ian Corzine gives several examples of YouTube creators decimated by YouTube’s implementation of the COPPA rules on Monday Jan. 6.

YouTube seems to be moving toward an environment where the YouTube Kids App will be totally separate and age-gated, and content creators will have to submit for pre-approval, if they are kids’ creators.  This means there is a model for earning revenue without persistent identifiers, but it is not open to ungated submissions.

One creator of mostly kids’ materials has earned almost zero revenue in January.

Another had to unmark made-for-kids automatically assumed to keep kids from watching his animated adult videos.
In my case, since I am not monetized, I marked one video as MFK because it had model trains and had an unusually large number of visits for the entire channel.  This was easy to identify by sorting the videos by numbers of visits.

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