Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Facebook executive admits that Facebook's tools, even if used legally and properly, tend to help Trump

Craig Timberg and Nitasha Tiku report that Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth report that Trump won in 2016 not because of Russians but because Trump’s team mastered Facebook’s advertising system to microtarget voters in swing states, leveraging the electoral vote power of rural voters.  
This doesn’t seem to be about misinformation.  It’s more about skilled use of persistent identifiers, now a big controversy with laws like COPPA (CCPA has similar effects with regular websites).
The article went into bizarre references to the Lord of the Rings, where Frodo wants to keep the ring at the end, as it is the key to the knowledge of good and evil.
The article reports that Bosworth concedes we could have the same result in 2020. The irony is this is a logical result from a world of user-generated content with a rather non-elite readership. 
It was less clear how much difference illegally exported data to Cambridge Analytica made.

 I'm heeding thoughtfully the situation with Iran's "retaliation" it is too hard to say yet what it will mean. 

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