Wednesday, January 22, 2020

COPPA classification controversies start to happen; channel owners learn to be careful whom they accept linkage offers from; More on patronage and self-sufficiency

Leo Laporte of Twot TV reports misidentifications of YouTube channels as made for kids.

It also reports a case where a channel was suspended after it had accepted a link invitation to another channel that then got three copyright strikes.  But this is how the rules work.  One should be careful about accepting such an invitation, essentially giving up some independence and sharing the risk of a larger business, in order to gain more potentially paying customers or advertisers. 
An entertainer (“Badbunny”) on Twitch (Pakman likes this service) is complaining that viewers don’t donate to her (Reclaimthenet story).  This could be a significant point even though it sounds silly, as over time tech may not want to host speakers whose content doesn’t pay for itself – that’s a concern I’ve talked about before

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