Monday, January 20, 2020

Biden threatens to eliminate Section 230 if he can; SCOTUS may look at an unusual 230 case involving Facebook and Hamas

Hoeg Law analyzes some statements by presidential candidate Joe Biden that suggest that Biden wants to do away with Section 230. "Joe Biden Wants to Break the Internet (and Video Games). 

The video is based on a New York Times Editorial Interview of Joe Biden a few days ago. 

Hoeg Law explains well the reasons for Section 230 and the “good Samaritan clause” which addresses the “moderator’s paradox”, even though there have been many problems with content moderation (and demonetization).

Biden seems unaware of how the Internet really works.  He wants to be the Luddite who enforces localism as a way to bring stability. 
But there are ways in which gratuitous self-publishing can skew the economy and in some cases exacerbate inequality.  I’ll come back to all of that soon.

Update:  Jan 22

The Supreme Court will look at an unusual challenge regarding a Facebook account and a soldier killed by Hamas to Section 230, regarding apparently the way the Seventh Circuit interpreted some justification clause wording in the statute, story by Mike Swift in Marketing Insight.  This story will need more attention soon. (Not sure if SCOTUS has accepted it yet.) 

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