Friday, January 24, 2020

Apparently legitimate news site that paid for blog content had ties to Iran

Donie O’Sullivan reports for CNN that a website called the American Herald Tribune paid bloggers for certain kinds of articles about politicians and pretended to be a legitimate media company, especially during the 2016 elections. 
 But apparently it had ties to Iran and the goals of foreign operatives.
Facebook removed them during a purge for what it considered fraudulent accounts (or coordinate unauthorized behavior – link spamming essentially) in the fall of 2018.   Google also apparently removed much of their material.
But the story is particularly disturbing because apparently Americans were hired thinking they were working for a legitimate commercial business.  This could become a serious issue in the future, if the idea that user content should pay for itself takes hold (May 10, 2017), as I’ve talked about before.  
That is, ironically, it envisions a world where it is expected that you have a legitimate business before you can go online with your own branded content.  If you just want to advocate for political positions, you have to belong to a legitimate partisan activist group.  That’s what a lot of leftists want.
Hubpages may be worth a look, from me at least.

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