Saturday, December 28, 2019

YouTube seems to be checking up on low-volume non-monetized channels, accidental incident with me

Is YouTube starting to look at its low-volume accounts or at least individual videos.  After finishing a blog post today of a large video recording session,  I looked at another one from June where I speak on another person’s channel (look at my tag “major video recording sessions”). 

Then YouTube, in a few minutes, as “help us build a better YouTube” and asks me a survey question on that video. They don’t even realize I speak in it. I gave myself a 4 out of 5 and called my own video "informative".  

Are they looking at low-volume accounts to decide later whether to get rid of them and allow only people on who “sell”?  Ironically, I had talked about that in the video recording session Thursday.
Maybe the “commercial viability” clause isn’t as innocuous as it has been interpreted to be? 

Or are they simply looking at when people look at specific videos outside of their algorithms? (generally I do that a lot). 
I notice a lot of people more in the sciences and some artists are getting away from YouTube and social media altogether in the past few months, given all the scandals and bad raps. And now COPPA, CCPA, and persistent identifiers.  
Hoeg Law's Virtual Legality video above is from Nov. 18. 

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