Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Twitter suspends more journalists for reposting screenshots of Saudi "Manifesto"; are mainstream journalists becoming political operatives?

Social media companies still behave erratically, banning or removing or demonetizing content suddenly as knee-jerk reactions to criticism, usually from persons not considered paid professionals in establishment media, but sometimes even those with established outlets.

Fox and Friends Pete Hegseth was suspended from Twitter for posting a screenshot of the Pensacola shooter’s “manifesto”, as Deadline reports. 
Apparently the suspensions also applied to Mike Cernovich and Andy Ngo (who was suspended earlier for a “gratuitous” tweet to Chelsea Clinton restating a well known but inconvenient fact).  Post Millennial reports here.

Twitter says its rules prohibit posting materials from recognized terrorist groups.  It’s unclear in the case of the shooter Alshamrami was really a member of a group (he had been to Saudi Arabia) or acting alone, and apparently the forbidden materials came from his account.  Maybe the manifesto was just his own rant. 
I would personally rather see the material if it somehow was threatening (like to me).  Just as with New Zealand and later El Paso, I’d like to see the originals of what they were thinking (like incel Elliot Rodger).
We’ve seen a similar issue with “gratuitous” repeating of the Whistleblower’s name and even picture in some conservative sites. (He seems to be an entirely reputable and responsible person.) 

Timcast talked about this Monday, and he also discussed journalists’ erratic reporting (and then taking back) stories about Ukraine’s possible meddling in US elections which, well, common sense says was really Russian.  (It is not completely clear, to me at least, if Biden and family have any significant culpability for what happened in Ukraine, and this may matter legally still in an impeachment trial – I’ve seen Pakman’s claims that Trump has accidentally confessed to everything – but it takes time for a private citizen to go through all the evidence with so much else on the table to follow.  I say, call John Bolton in the trial.).  Pool thinks that establishment media journalists are forced (mainly by the Left) to become covert political operatives.
“A regular president would go home to his mommy” (Baby Trump today.)  Why can’t we attract better people to run for office?  Ask David Hogg and maybe Cameron Kasky.

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