Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Steven Crowder warns that YouTube intends another Purge in January based on the latest "harassment" or "bad actor" or even "commercial viability" concerns

Steven Crowder, the conservative YouTube comedian who became notorious in his battle early last summer with Carlos Maza (“Thanos”) has advised his followers that a YouTube “Purge” is coming in January and that the ramifications of the expansion of the anti-harassment policy are not fully known yet. 

The video also hints that the guidelines may make use of the “commercial viability” language.
It’s interesting that Crowder notes that other independent creators were hurt as a result of the fallout from someone “getting his feelings hurt”.   For what it's worth, I think Maza made really great Strikethrough videos (his interview of David Hogg is a masterpiece) and I've urged him to get away from the extremist tweets and get back to work!  (Yup, I am a slightly right-of-center libertarian-esque, unitarianist gay conservative.) 
Crowder says he has sequestered a few videos on his “MugClub” or even this.

True, YouTube (as noted yesterday) has been very erratic, changing the goal posts and taking action very suddenly on a number of issues.  It is not clear to me that all the action it took June 5 (demonetizing Ford Fischer, for example) was caused by Crowder-Maza, but YouTube certainly reacted clumsily and has not answered a lot of obvious questions.
I’ve updated the description of my own YouTube channel today. 
Recently I have gotten a series of comments from one visitor who keeps asking the same question, why I shot 3 brief videos at a QA about his “country” as if my doing so were an insult.  Is this what YouTube means by aggregation of “harassment”?  It sounds very facetious.  It sounds like “skin in the game”.
Yet, many people live in environments where they have to live “tribally” and they feel that they have to take offense easily to protect others in their group from unpredictable asymmetric stochastic threats from outlier lone-wolf “crazies”.  (Just one example:  Comet Ping Pong in December 2016.)  Many “intersectional” groups feel that Donald Trump (just now impeached as I write this) has put them in physical danger from risks of this nature, and then the conservative channels and sites add more aggravation to some “left behind” individuals.
I’ve followed some videos by Ian Corzine (and Hoeg Law and Tim Pool, as recently with the COPPA and CCPA issues) and a lot of my reaction can be found on a Wordpress blog with the given tag "Dangerous Thought Experiment".

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