Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Screenwriter's take on why YouTube is not a particularly desirable way to become established as an artist

Screenwriter Tyler Mowery gives his take on “Why you shouldn’t be a YouTuber”.
He describes the pressures that some YouTubers feel to stay at the top, to keep their audiences.  He mentions Casey Neistat (as does John Fish).  Lindsay Dodgson had discussed this in The Insider in January.
An artist needs a reputation with what he/she/they has sold or had exhibited publicly through more traditional channels.  He gives an example of director Christopher Nolan, who isn’t in the news every day.  In fact, the plot of his next ponderous sci-fi film “Tenet” (the word is a palindrome) is still an industry secret.  I’m not such a big fan of the idea that you can jump universes through the multiverse because of quantum theory.

So for an artist, the problem is, well, it's social media. 
A few years ago, you could have developed a similar take on blogging, as Blogtyrant was promoting it, and that’s what I became in retirement in the 2000’s.
The Internet and WWW (starting with Web 1.0 well before 2000) gradually introduced a new way to become influential, if not famous, without “paying your dues” first to the whole system that guilds of artists and journalists alike had depended on for a living.  This is all unraveling.

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