Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Major independent YouTube channel banned from posting links on Facebook for trying to post a link very critical of YouTube's performance

Well, I’m aghast at this one.  Ford Fischer  (“News2Share”) was banned for 60 hours from sharing links on his Facebook account for posting a “ReclaimtheNet” article critical of YouTube’s behavior in 2019 (which included demonetizing Ford on the same day it tried to resolve the Maza-Crowder controversy).
So the site wrote an article about banning Ford.   There seems to be a possibility that the article spoke quasi-favorably about someone that Facebook considers "dangerous" or part of the white nationalism (and FB may well believe this incorrectly about a few of these people).  

The earlier article went into great detail about YouTube’s knee-jerk reactions to external pressures all year, culminating in the COPPA settlement with the FTC and then its fuzzy expansion of an anti-harassment policy. 
I tried an experiment and simply posted a link to the site home page on my own Facebook account, and it had no problems.

It is very unusual to ban links (unless they go to porn) – and there is supposed to be an informal “server rule”.
I also had a bizarre exchange over one of my own small YouTube posts, from the QA for the screening of “Freelancers: Mexico”.  I explain this in a Tweet thread. I had a similar incident commenting on a Virtual Legality thread about the anti-harassment policy and COPPA. Please act as if it is wrong to comment on something unless your own skin is in the game and in the line of risk.

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