Sunday, December 29, 2019

Could solo-owned websites some day be required to have backup persons or companies for support?

Even though I recently did a videotaping session to explain my concerns for the future of online speech with the assistance of a friend, generally I do almost all my blogging myself and I am the only person in detail with how my setup works in detail.
I have been pondering this more lately, and there are plans for changes that apparently must happen at the end of 2021 (two more years) that I’ll go into in more detail soon.

It does make sense to me that at some point, hosting companies and domain registrars could require backup resources.  Right now, my domain registrations are “private” but merely specify me as a technical contact and give personal information only available through the registrar (on WHOIS) going through the proper security procedures.  The largest contract for the four Wordpress blogs specify only me as the contact through mid June 2022.
YouTube channels are not registered as domains, although we know from COPPA that the FTC seems to think they should be. However, as I’ve indicated in the talk Dec 26, it make sense that YouTube will in due time be pickier as to who has earned the “privilege of being listened to” and having a channel. That could reasonably include specification of alternative technical contacts. 

It will be more important to work with third parties in the future than it has been.
There was some talk about media perils insurance for amateur bloggers in 2001 (with the National Writers Union) and again in 2008, but the idea seemed to die with the financial crisis that year.

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