Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Why is the world constantly chipping away at Internet speech freedom?

The Washington Post has a major editorial this midweek fall morning, “The Internet’s Tilt Toward Tyranny” with the tagline, “The Web has gotten less free for nine years in a row”, link.  Online the wording uses a gerund: “The Internet Is Tilting Toward Tyranny”. Or "slouching toward tyranny", like "slouching toward Gomorrah" (Judge Bork).  
The editorial notes that many people are selling out and saying what governments or influential groups will pay them to say.  I see some of that in my own email and it is disturbing. (A company in Shenzhen, China emailed me about a month ago that it would pay me to run an article about its shipping service.)

In retrospect, it sounds amazing that when the Internet started, we didn’t get how empowering the Individual to reach the entire world through search engines without gatekeepers would change politics and society.

Here is a morally relevant tweet by “The Decolonial Atlas”.  I am supposed to be responsible for my own participation in the fruits of historical exploitation of native lands (sure, and for historical dependence on slavery and segregation, I guess).

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