Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tim Berners-Lee wants to introduce localism to the WWW

Tim Berners-Lee published an op-ed Tuesday in the New York Times, “I Invented the World Wide Web.  Here’s How We Can Fix It”.  Well, that’s a little more convincing than a similar claim about Al Gore.

Jason Aten has a constructive criticism in “Inc” here. Too vague, too socialistic.

I’m quite struck by one aspect of the recent debate – that content creators should know who their unintended audiences are as well as whom they directed their stuff too.  Think about the COPPA issue.

There is also an increasing sentiment that content creators who don't make money just from posting need to be transparent about what they are up to. 
Lee is proposing a concept called “Solid”, which is intended to give data ownership to users.

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