Friday, November 01, 2019

Sites like "MyLife" said to be compromising the reputations and employability of unsuscepting consumers

ABC Good Morning America this morning reported on a site called “”  (Wikipedia), as a hazard for online reputations of unaware consumers and workers. The newest episode doesn’t have a link yet; here is a 2011 link

ABC reported that the site had been called Reunion, was sued in 2008, and changed its name to MyLife as litigation was ultimately dismissed. 

I have discussed a few sites before that troll public record information and make it available to subscribers, particularly on my sister “identity theft” blog.
I was not aware, however, of the claims that this site scrapes social media information, even from “friends” or followers or fans or postings by others about people who have marked their own social media sites “private”   The site seems to offer a proprietary "reptuation score" which sounds like China's idea of a social credit score, possibly. . 
ABC and various other sources (like the Dallas station shown here in a video, Clark, and Reputation) suggest that removal of information is cumbersome, some things are easier of you “pay” or are a member. 
As earlier as Nov. 30, 2006 I had discussed Reputation defender on this site. I do not look up people on these sites, as out of "curiosity".
I've noted that in the past ten years many people have become much more sensitive about being photographed in public or in bars than they had been. 
Online reputation fits into a rubric that I have characterized as “public conflict of interest” in my own writings.

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