Sunday, November 17, 2019

Knight Foundation encourages some local papers to become non-profits and do conventional fundraising

Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources today looked at the increased pressures on local journalism, and at the idea of turning some local newspapers into non-profits and getting philanthropies to support non-profit local reporting.  But I think some political sites are non-profits (always asking for donation to be "my voice"; I can have my own, thank you.) 

There are details at the Knight Foundation website

Most local papers have paywalls, which make it impractical for non-locals to read them online (except for large cities).  I generally will buy a print copy of a local newspaper when I go into a convenience store in a small town when “on the road”.

I have suggested paywall consolidation companies (which would have to be capitalized and formed) as a possible solution.
About ten years ago some local papers joined up with a copyright troll, Righthaven, to try to “increase revenues” from questionable copyright claims. The problem lasted until 2013.

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