Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Journalists leak their salaries by company, intersectional group

Bostwiki rocks!  Today he offers a video about a Google Doc where various employees of media companies disclosed their salaries, and their “woke” intersectional categories.

I was rather shocked at how little some of these journalists (I use the word) make in New York City. (It's a little cheaper in Jersey.) 
But there were some more impressive salaries at a few of the companies (including Vox).

Bostwiki likes to look good, in his own way, open shirt and chest (you don’t need hideway tattoos). 
Then you have (Beanie) Tim Pool’s longer piece on the same thing, maintaining that the salaries and job descriptions were leaked.  They were.  Oh, it’s not oK to talk about salaries at work. And capitalism means, not all the salaries will be the same.  You have to think about your “market value” in the world, and the idea seems immoral to the Maoists and the Marcuse’s.
Here's the Google Doc, which was linked in Columbia Journalism Review. (By the way, I don't think you can open a Google Doc url with a New Tab;  at least in Wordpress on another article I did, it didn't work;  you probably can't embed it either.) 

Pool talked about his time as a "development manager" for a non-profit, which means managing other people who call or ask for funds from the public for non-profits.  I worked as a caller myself for the Minnesota Orchestra and later National Symphony 2002-2003. 
Then the you have the YouTubers who compete with these companies, start their own studios, and sometimes make six figures as entrepreneurs, maybe more.  The pure entertainers like Pewdiepie set up whole companies (his are in England).  You have all the “conservative” commentators that the SJW’s call “dangerous” and want to deplatform.  Then you have the tech and education channels (ThioJoe, John Fish) that can pay your way through school.  Young adults (previously unknown) making themselves celebrities on YouTube, and legacy media wants to take the competition out. But, "the kids" know what other kids want, and can become millionaires by giving it to them -- now YouTube doesn't like that anymore.  (Luke Korns is another "journalist"-vlogger in the upper Midwest who has mastered this.) 
 Well, I like watching Logan Paul sometimes, when he does Burning Man. (I confess, I do like Pewdiepie.)
Then you have me, who influences policy outcomes on some things (I really have) and make next to nothing, but I have resources from elsewhere.  (It’s not just inheritance;  steady professional employment for three decades and no debt and conservative investing and compound interest helps – call it “economic invincibility”.) And some journalists may complain that I’m lowballing them.

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