Sunday, November 24, 2019

Extreme wokeness leads to student breakdowns at Syracuse University

Syracuse University seems to be having the same kind of breakdown that Evergreen College had in Oregon a couple years ago.

Matt Christiansen explains.

The tensions seem to be the result of some pranks that have led to overreactions by the administration, incentivizing the pranksters.

The mental breakdown of two students in the last part of Matt’s video is really chilling.

I saw stuff like this when I was a patient at NIH in the latter part of 1962.

There is a problem that young adults do not face the idea that they will be “scoped” and evaluated by other people as to how they will fit into society later.  It’s understandable to trace this back to historical treatment of groups, but individual problems are much more relevant now.

Everyone has to grow up preparing to deal with some external uncertainties.  Economic Invincibility talks a lot about that.

I happened to pass through Syracuse in late July on the way to Ottawa and Toronto. I think my family spent one night there in the summer of 1954.  Father spent time there on business in the 50s and 60s. 
I had one job interview there in December 1969 with General Electric, before getting out of the Army.

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