Monday, November 04, 2019

A quick look at Bitchute helps one understand right-wing radicalization

I got a little bit curious about “banned” videos (from YouTube) and looked at Bitchute, briefly.

I found one that gives “10 reasons” why the speaker views himself (it’s a heterosexual he) white nationalist.
Bitchute doesn’t seem to embed, so here is the direct link
What a video like this does show is how far many people go into identifying with a tribe.  People say it’s “hardwired”.  It’s partly because they don’t have the same opportunity to create their own separated lives as individuals that I have gotten used to.  They fetishize what they can’t have by themselves.

It doesn’t sound like something you should count on.

Use it or lose it.
I’ve also noted some prominent people dropping off Twitter, after having very elaborate feeds, starting in late 2018.

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