Friday, October 25, 2019

Young men show a tremendous cognition gap (after the top tier) and wind up staying at home with parents and not working

A couple days ago Tim Pool posted a video “Millennial Men are Unmarried Losers Because Their Parents Won’t Cut Them Off”.

Well, this is a loaded thing.  The basic problem has always been that girls are more verbal than boys, mature faster as children, and will naturally do better in school unless compared to “exceptional” boys (especially computer nerds today). So, as Tim points out, after the gender equality movement, going all the way back to the late 1950s with Betty Friedan, there are more women today in “superordinate” positions at work, as Markovits points out in his book on meritocracy. You can read Vox’s latest pieces on meritocracy, such as Roge Karma’s, and some interviews with the author, here
There is also the problem with “men and work”, which Cato had a book forum (“Men Without Work” by Nicholas Eberstadt) about just before Trump’s inauguration in 2017. And there seems to be a breakpoint among young men with cognition.

Young men who indeed do well in school and who can motivate themselves really stand out from the rest of the pack.  There is a tremendous cognition gap among men in our country on the ability to think in abstraction, reason, compare, and evaluate media input (as in social media) critically.  David Pakman has also mentioned this problem many times, as does (ironically) Jordan Peterson.  With women the gaps are narrower and there is more continuity.

So the outstanding counterexample for Pool’s video is John Fish, who recently decided to take a gap year after two years at Harvard and work (in high tech) in Montreal and pay his own way in life and live by himself in his own apartment for a year, and become a full adult at age 20.  He talks about this.  Once you leave the nest, it changes you, for the better.
When I was growing up, there was a tacit understanding that men needed to be able to support women so that women could bear children and stay at home with them earlier in adulthood.  This is still a major element in culture overseas, especially in countries otherwise challenged economically (including Russia).  The women’s movement, and later the gay movement and now the gender “equity” movement if you can call it that (wokeness), have all created their own internal contradictions, which seem to be beyond intellectual resolution.  Welcome to tribalism.

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