Friday, October 11, 2019

Trump's rally apparently inspires random Antifa-style violence of spectators near Target Center in downtown Minneapolis

Zach Roberts provides ample (at least 20 minutes) of footage of protest, for Subverse News, outside Trump’s rally in Minneapolis at the Target Center Wednesday.

Ian Schwartz reports for Real Clear Politics on the burning of MAGA hats. 
There is disturbing material about how Trump had promised to limit Somali immigration, which is quite significant to the Twin Cities area. 

Andy Ngo and others reported random attacks on persons in the area who weren’t necessarily attending the rally. 

The Target Center is on First Ave., near the Twins’ baseball park, the Loon Café, and, on Hennepin, the Gay 90s and Saloon gay bars. 
I was in Minneapolis on Sept 28 and visited the bars on Hennepin, and again on Oct. 3 on Lake Street.

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