Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trump threatens to "terminate" two big media outlets (Pakman)

The David Pakman show is reporting on a Trump interview with Sean Hannity where he says he will terminate the press credentials of the Washington Post and New York Times.  (CNN?) 

There are various media reports about Trump’s “terminating” these papers from the White House, like on Yahoo.  That normally means no press access to the WH. 
I checked Tim Pool’s channels and I don’t see a similar concern yet.  David and Tim should be closer on this.
I know I have kept a distance from conventional activism and I don’t have anyone’s back (and vice versa), and I’m aware of the position this can put me in.  I don’t have more details now. 
 I have to note that Trump's Twitter habits would have violated my own "conflict of interest" ideas as I have discussed them in the past. 

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